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We are better able than any other agent to help you secure the perfect second home on Mallorca.

Successfully transacting property of this kind requires the kind of experience, contacts and knowledge, and understanding of the local market which we have as a result of the many years we have spent handling such properties on the island.

The discerning homebuyers and vendors we work with tend to lead extremely busy lives with many calls on their time, frequently juggling family, social and business pressures with their desire to find their perfect second home.

We understand this, just as we understand the unique, specific and exacting requirements each will have for the property they would like to find.

As a bespoke estate agency dealing in exclusive properties, taking on board all of these parameters and satisfying the expectations of clients is at the very heart of our service. We tailor the tasks that we undertake, and the way we approach these, to meet the specific needs and wishes of each buyer for whom we act.

In this way, we can help you find and close successfully on the home of your dreams.

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Check our listings. Perhaps you’ll find your ideal property already available and just waiting for you to express your interest. Or perhaps your perfect home isn’t currently on the market. Get in touch with us. Tell us what it is you’d like to find. Our contacts, our market intelligence, our ingenuity and our determination to then locate the property you’re looking for will be at your disposal.

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Do you know just what your property in Mallorca must be like?

An elegant finca off in the mountains? A character stone house in a traditional village? A cool and beautiful villa overlooking the marina? If it’s on the island and it’s on the market, or it could be on the market for the right offer, we’ll know about it. This is the advantage that our profile, our reputations and our unrivalled network offer you. All you need to do is share the details of your vision with us.

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Or do you know only that you’d like to buy in Mallorca?

Perhaps you know simply that you wish to buy in Mallorca, but don’t have sufficient knowledge of the island to choose the part that will suit you best. Are you walkers or cyclists? Is your heart set on secluded coves and gorgeous white sandy beaches? Would you like a marina, water sports or golf courses? Fine dining? Nightlife? We know every inch of the island, and it will be our pleasure to find the place where you’ll be happy.

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